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About Us

“Culturally Connecting People for Rich Humanity” focuses on bringing together people of different cultures to make them exchange their thoughts understand their own culture and respect each others’ culture so that they can live together in harmony.

Oasis Foundation is created and associated by the renowned persons in our society who are very much success in their personal and professional life in different field and different stream of Indian Art and Culture as well as some highly skilled and experienced persons who are the industry veteran on building of event management for the different organizers of international festivals on Indian art and culture in various foreign countries.

Oasis Foundation is nurturing by the key persons of Oasis Group. Oasis Holidays is a main stream of Oasis Group and it has vast experience in international event management expertise fpr its client’s since last so many years.
Here are the few glimpses of Indian

Year 2013 (Thailand Festival)
Year 2014 (Malaysia Festivals)
Year 2015 (Singapore Festivals)
Year 2016 (Thailand Festival)
Year 2016 (Dubai Festival)
Year 2017 (Thailand Festivals)
Year 2017 (Srilanka Festivals)
Year 2018 (Thailand Festival)
Year 2018 (Malaysia Festival)


Oasis Foundation is registered with six different ministries of Govt. Of India., viz., Niti Aayog, Ministry Of Tribal Affairs, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Ministry of MSME, Ministry Of Rural Development, Ministry of Women And Child Development.


The Quality Management System of Oasis Foundation has been independently assessed and compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. This certificate is applicable to providing educational services, placement, franchise distribution and global examination board on creative art & craft, music, vocal, dance, cultural education, etc. along with global competition & festival on Indian art and culture and uplifting of tribal heritage.

Oasis Foundation is accredited with EGAC (Egyptian Accreditation Council), IAF (International Accreditation Forum), UASL (United Accreditation Services limited), etc.

Oasis Foundation is affiliated with United Nations, USA and International Dance Council, Unesco, Paris

Member of the International Dance Council CID

Being a member of the International Dance Council CID, the highest body for Dance, OASIS FOUNDATION is entitled to

  • Receive certificates and parchments, CID badges, stickers, posters, and other material.
  • Present our work at world congresses, international festivals, workshops, competitions and other events organized by Members of the CID. Publish events at the CID Panorama, the official website for dance events, with the largest visibilty:
  • Be informed about opportunities such as scholarships, jobs, invitations to perform, to teach or to lecture, new publications etc.
  • Being a member of CID, one can find Oasis Foundation’s full profile in the Global Dance Directory (over 300,000 addresses, by far the largest in the arts):
  • Address inquiries to the CID Secretariat, which is staffed by several full-time experienced members and has a huge archive of resources.
  • Meet other members and be part of a network including thousands of specialists in more than 170 countries who are eager to cooperate with other CID members.
  • Have a discount on services (workshops, competitions, festivals etc.) or publications (magazines, books, CDs, video, DVDs, albums etc.) by member organizations.
  • Support applications for a visa to attend congresses and other events held under the auspices of CID.
  • Share the prestige of "the United Nations of Dance", as CID is usually called.
  • Offer to our students International Certification of Dance Studies, a validation of teaching applicable all over the world.
  • Nominate dance professionals for CID membership - our students can become Student Members of CID.
  • Obtain legal advice on professional matters, free of charge, as all services by CID.
  • Obtain electronic books free of charge; see program CID Bookself at


Mission of the Society

Oasis Foundation is an organization, in the sense that it evolves on a different level from its members. It is connected to all dance school, company, federation or other institution. It organizes festivals, workshops and competitions independently involving all the artists connected with us.

Our mission is to spread public awareness of India’s rich & varied folk & tribal culture, starting with West Bengal. We also wish to help create sustainable & dignified means of livelihood for such artists through activities that promote their arts. we promote Indian tribal dances like Santhal Dance (BAHA, DASAI, DONG, KARAM, SAPRA), Manipuri Dance (Jagoi), Ho tribal dance etc.

Oasis Foundation is firm on all cultures to be true. Oasis Foundation treats all the cultures on an equal basis. Thus Oasis Foundation believes that bringing all different cultures together will bring universal peace, relationship and brotherhood as thoughts, sovereignty arose from diversity will unite finally with the strong boundless power of humanity.

The basic vision of the society has always been to revive the prestige of the art of music comprising vocal music, instrumental music, dance and to organize systematic training in this art in India and also in foreign countries, besides reaching it to people at large. With this end in view, the Society had been devotedly applying itself to solid work.

The Goals of this society

(a) To recognize the educational institutions which impart and music education in accordance with the prescribed syllabus in India & abroad.
(b) To conduct examinations to judge the standard of such education of the students of recognized institutions.
(c) To award the degrees and diploma to the successful candidates.
(d) To organize music competition and conference at the international level and to honor the distinguished artists.
(e) To organize research work in folk songs and dances and collections thereof for the preservation.
(f) To train the teachers.
(g) To give scholarships.
(h) To impart music education free of cost to the physically and financially incapacitated persons.
(i) To implement different schemes, programmes of art and music of the Central and different State Governments.